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LIVING 2.0 Save gives you 8 different programs and a ton of ways to save money - and make money. You could be saving up to $1,000 a month (for real).

We designed LIVING 2.0 Save - literally - to save you money all over the place: we can cut your utility bills, mobile phone bills, internet, TV and more. We can save you on necessities and take out. We can get rid of bank overdraft charges, we can lower your student loans by up to 40%. We can even get you 0% payday loans...we’ve got 3 different programs for cash back shopping. And did we mention we can pay you cash for exercising?

That’s why we put save in the name. Click below to explore each program.

Lower Your Bills

You upload your bills. We lower your bills. We split the savings.

Let us lower your bills.

In fact, research has shown that the average cable bill has increased by 40% since 2010 and outpaced inflation for every single one of the past 20 years!

Autopilot helps you slash these bill types and more.

Why are people overpaying?

Most customers don’t know they are being overcharged. Chances are your monthly costs for services have increased consistently over time without you noticing, or that they include hidden fees, old charges that should have disappeared or some other “gotcha” that you may not even know about.

Why does this work?

You know the saying: “Ask and you shall receive.” Your service providers have been banking on the fact that you won’t ask. Our expert negotiators know who to talk to and what to say to negotiate savings on your essential monthly services.

Why do you need AutoPilot?

Technically, you could do what AutoPilot does yourself, but our innovative technology platform and team of experts has saving down to a science. We like to think of ourselves as the smartest customer in the market. You can save money, time and hassle! With AutoPilot you know you’re not overpaying, and we do all the work for you.

Upload your bill. Send us all your monthly bills including cable, wireless, Internet, satellite and home security.

Leave the haggling to us. We will call your providers and negotiate for you, then show you how much you will save each month while staying with your current provider.

Enjoy automatic savings risk-free. You won’t pay a dime unless you save. You’ll pay us 50% of the savings each month you save, or take advantage of one of our pay-in-full discounts if you want to pay a portion of your savings upfront.

0% Pay Day Loans + Instant Cash Back

Get access to your paycheck immediately - with no fee! Plus 3 more money saving benefits!

Finally, a fair financial system.

We’re fighting unfairness in the financial system in 4 ways.

We’ve built a platform of community-supported products to inspire fairness across the financial world. Our app allows people to reject the current system in order to get to a better place financially. These are the 4 problems we’re solving:

The pay cycle holds back our money. Get up to $100 advance each day.

Overdraft fees and penalties are unfair. We stop them.

Medical bills are putting us in debt. We negotiate them lower.

We all need more ways to find extra cash. Get cashback at 100’s of stores & restaurants.

Cash Out.

Control of and access to your pay as soon as you’ve worked with no fees, interest, or hidden costs. Cash out your earnings anytime you want.

  • Cash out up to $100 per day to access the money you’ve already earned.
  • Pay what you choose (even $0).
  • When your paycheck is direct deposited, we will deduct the amount you cashed out.

We’ll debit your bank account on your next payday. Please note that we are not responsible for any bank, or third-party fees that you may be charged if there are insufficient funds in your account.


We are community-supported.

Choose what you pay.

With our app, there are no fees or interest. We all choose what to pay to support the service - it could even be $0. This is a radical change from the way the American financial system typically functions.

With our app, there are no fees or interest. We all choose what to pay to support the service - it could even be $0. This is a radical change from the way the American financial system typically functions.

Pay it forward.

The world is a better place when we all help each other out. With our services, people choose what to pay. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. And sometimes community members pay it forward to support each other.

Get Paid To Exercise

Earn for every calorie you burn. Get paid to improve your health and fitness!

Get Paid To Exercise

Earn while you burn.

Get paid per calorie burned.
Get paid to improve your health and fitness! Our exciting new app allows you to earn money for working out. Whether you’re a runner, biker, climber or surfer you can earn while you burn!

How it works.

Use this exciting new app to earn money while you are working out and burning calories. The fun way to keep that positive motivation and earn money as you are improving your health and fitness.

We believe in keeping it simple: the more calories you burn the more you earn - with no limits. Many of our users can earn $50.00 to $100.00 each month. So let’s get earning!

Connect. Track. Earn.

Each device you connect becomes a new tool to earn faster.

Health Credit Score

Understand your health with the first ever health credit score!

Invite Your Friends
Coming Soon!

Feel free to spread the EARN! Invite your family members and friends for no additional cost!

Smart Medication Manager

Resolve medication administration issues for seniors. Take the right amount at the right time.

Smart Medication Management

A state-of-the-art personal medication management system.

Avoid up to 40% of Emergency Room visits each year.

Our Smart Medication Manager is a personal, electronic medication management system for patients and their family members, designed to help you take your medication the right way, every day.

Set Reminders.

Set your schedule, get reminded - every time. When it’s time to take your medications, alerts go out to all of your devices - and your family’s devices, too - so everyone can stay up-to-date and involved.

Take As Prescribed.

Unnecessary hospitalizations due to over- or under-medication are an industry-wide problem in the healthcare space. So by using our Medication Manager, you can be sure you’re taking the right amount at the right time. And avoiding the Emergency Room is just a bonus.

Easy To Use.

Our app is available on all smartphones and web browsers, and is designed for ease-of-use, no matter your level of expertise. And, it’s HIPAA Compliant, so you can be sure that your private medical information is completely safe with us.

It's peace of mind. Just when you need it most.

We know that a prescription always comes with questions. And those questions usually come in the middle of the night, long after your appointment.

That’s why we included direct links to the FDA and NIH medical databases, so you can search for your medication by name and instantly access information you can trust like intended uses, side-effects, warnings, and so on.

Still have questions? Our Support Team is available 24/7 to answer them. Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe in making house calls.


Travel, Entertainment, and Dining Discounts

Get discounts on Take-out and $100’s in Grocery coupons. Plus Guaranteedd lowest price for Hotels + Resorts, entertainment, + cash-back shopping.

Travel, Entertainment, + Dining Discounts

Better travel discounts.
Cash back shopping.

Every. Single. Day.

Can you say disruption?

We are disrupting the way hotels and resorts are booked online by sharing a portion of its profit margin on each hotel and resort booking with our members, making the price you pay lower than the price on public websites like Expedia and Priceline. How cool is that?

Why use Travel, Entertainment, + Dining Discounts?

Whether you’re planning a business trip, your next family vacation, or you just want to jump in the car and get away with that someone special, with literally hundreds of thousands of hotels to choose from, worldwide, we’ve got you covered.

Travel credits.

Personal service and the best prices on travel! Members pricing is GuaranteedD to be lower than those other websites. Our Premium Credits are designed to reduce the price of hotels, resorts, and condominiums. We reveal the retail rate of a specific property, then you use your Premium Credits to “buy down” the retail website rate.

Worldwide hotel access.

Search for thousands of top-rated hotels worldwide for planning a last-minute business trip, or planning ahead for your next family vacation.

Whether it’s a luxury 5 star hotel in San Francisco or a romantic getaway to a quaint little bed & breakfast on the Oregon coast, we’ve got you covered. Just login to your member-only website and search our live, online database of hotels, and find just what you’re looking for.

No need for you to check the price on those ‘Retail’ sites either; we’ve already done all the research for you. We show you the price on the Internet, and the member-only rate we’ve negotiated. You guessed it - we Guaranteed your member-only price will always be better than any public website.


Student Loan Debt Relief

Work with our specialists to reduce your loans up to 40%.

Student Loan Debt Relief

Reduce your student loan by up to $300 a month. (yes, really).

At $1.5 trillion, student loan debt is an issue that is taking center stage in the United States, and many employers are looking to find a solution.

That’s why we offer a wholistic approach that focuses on financial wellness, student loan debt relief, and credit repair services to provide a solution for all employees - and not just those with student loans. Voluntary and low-cost options are available.

Student Loan Relief Benefits.

Federal Loan Concierge / Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Over $300 per month in reduced payments for members last year

End-to-end service provided by student loan specialists who educate, handle all document preparation and process management services to help with federal loan consolidation and modification programs.

Assistance with Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) qualification.

Financial Wellness Benefits.

Credit Repair Concierge
Improvements within 30-45 days

Full-service repair counselors to handle all document preparation and process management service to help improve FICO credit scores.

What makes Student Loan Debt Relief different?

  • Wholistic solution of financial benefits for all members and employees
  • Concierge service with one-to-one human touch
  • Not a singular-focused student loan solution - employee/member choice
  • Significantly greater benefit value than a repayment assistance plan
  • No payroll administration: direct-bill
  • Best-in-class and industry leading service partners

Shop Now, Pay Later

Shop millions of products and pay over time. Pay no interest (that's right, none).

Shop millions of products.
Pay over time.
No interest.
No membership fees.
No credit score needed.

Applying online is easy.

Fill out a short application & get approved in minutes.

We will validate your income and/or employment.

Must be at least 18.


Access to the insurance plans and large group pricing on this website is predicated upon joining Elevate Wellness, a national association with over 100,000 members.
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